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A beginner’s guide to waist shapers

Call them waist trainers, waist cinchers, waist shapers – this is a topic that has taken the world by a storm. They have become more addictive than drugs and roller guide. Look, even renowned individuals; Madonna, the Kardashians…name them, have become the custodians of these undergarments. Waist training is no longer a secret, these little belts are all over, and they do not hesitate to give women the hourglass shape they have been yearning for. Would you mind a simple garment that will give you an attractive curvy shape? The imagination of an hourglass figure, small shape….and well, heads turning will make you go for it like crazy. If you need the best, all it takes is for you to type a few keywords of your search engine, and there you go! You will get the brands that are trending in the market.

History – why have waist shapers become so popular?

The popularity of these garments has not come in the age of social media. They were used even in the 1800s, but became increasingly popular in the 1900s, with the invention of the corset. Later, they were replaced with the girdle. During the early years of waist training, this garment was a belt that worn from the outside, and trust this; it made a hell of a fashion statement. As it grew in popularity, women who desired a notable figure, and this made them start wearing it as an undergarment.
Today, the popularity of waist shapers has been spurred by the extensive usage of the internet, especially social media. The more women talk about it, the more they influence others to use them. Celebrities have also admitted using them to create smoother figures - the endorsements leading to the establishment of billion-dollar waist trainer empires. Another factor that has made these garments more popular than in the past is the fact that they are made using Spanx, a material that causes less constriction and brings out the best results. On the other hand, antique waist shapers were made from cotton and some solid materials, which caused a lot of constriction, discomfort, and in worse cases, they led to a host of problems to internal organs around the waist area. Women, both young and old have embraced this fashion trend that causes changes, which are not only visible to women but also to the masculine gender. Though they have been in use since time immemorial, the notable changes that they have undergone have made them what they are in the 21st century.

How does waist shapers work?

“I lost 5 pounds in two days!” says the best ‘figured’ celebrity. This is enough reason to persuade you to buy a waist shaper, believing that it is a miracle device that will work great for you. But how do they work? Essentially, waist shapers are a type of shapewear that is wrapped tightly around the waist, with the aim of speeding up weight loss and bringing out an attractive hourglass shape. When you get one, it will work by eliminating the need to starve in the name of maintaining a great figure. This is why it has been received by women of all ages across the world with open arms. According to research, these undergarments will not cause any bodily harm, as long as you choose the right fit for you.

But, do they work?

This has been a cause of concern, especially to critics who claim that waist shapers work, but not in the way they are meant to. What they try to prove is that they don't cause loss of fat, but the weight loss that they bring is as a result of the loss of water through excessive sweating alone. This is, however, not an allegation that has been proven by research. What is known is that waist shapers have worked for many women, and they rarely bring health problems, as long as everything is done right. Therefore, they are garments you can have in your wardrobe or closet and be on your way to having a head-turning figure.

What to consider when buying a waist shaper

Now that you have known a lot about waist shapers don't rush to the market before you read this section. Here are some of the things you should consider before you make any purchase.

  1. Your bank account Well, quality waist shapers can be expensive. Yes, they are capable of breaking your bank account or leaving you emerged in a sea of debts. Do not buy what you can’t afford. First, do thorough research and determine how much these undergarments are sold. Then, have a budget. Avoid impulse buying, since this might leave you with an excellent waist shaper in your closet, but no money for bills and necessities. Budget is the first thing that you should not turn a blind eye on, and remember to go for the best that your wallet can take care of.
  2. Flexibility You don’t need a waist shaper that will cause strains to your belly, back, or breathing. Therefore, do your homework well, and look for the brands that will offer you with maximum flexibility, because you need to dress for both style and comfort.
  3. Efficiency Don't forget to look for something that will suit your needs, and speed up the attainment of your body goals. If you get one, then don't hesitate to make an order, if you don't, there are many options in the market, and all you need to do is keep looking. You will undoubtedly get one that suits you the best.
  4. Colour Do you want people to know that you are wearing a waist shaper? No! It is supposed to be your top-guarded secret. If you wear bright colours, then you will tell everyone your secret. For this reason, go for nude colours , something that will make the world believe you have a great shape worth emulating.

Why go for the right clincher for your waist size?

Just like any other shapewear, never buy a waist shaper that doesn’t fit you. You might be lured by the fact that a smaller waist clincher will bring out a smoother figure, but you might end up creating health problems, not forgetting the discomfort that comes with it. A large one will not even work for you in the first place. Therefore, if you want to get the full benefits that come with waist shapers, always have the right size of your waist in mind, and if not, have it measured before you make any purchase. To attain a coveted figure, do not starve yourself, or get lured into taking some pills that might land you in a hospital bed. Retain the above information, eat healthily, and exercise regularly, and you will soon be a significant other to many women in society. Good luck!

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